The Life Enhancing Guide from The Doctor of Simple Thinking

The sole intent for writing this book is to provide you with the tools and life skills to equip you with the ability to embrace change and live a life without “fear of the unknown,” while developing “super-focusing skills” and gaining knowledge by using the “power of asking” to overcome all of life’s challenges.


The book provides specific tools to change your thinking when you are down and out and wondering how to face life. The tools provided in this book will change your thinking and thus provide you with the knowledge you need to blaze new paths and turn your life around anytime you receive curveballs thrown at you in your journey of life.

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I have been inspired by some extraordinary people whom I have heard speak, met, asked questions of, and learned from, who come from all over the world; I have received a vast wealth of knowledge from these individuals by using the power of asking.

Knowledge is acquired through asking, observing, reading, listening, and focusing; but to succeed in executing your dreams and your vision, you need to start with connecting to people!



With progress, our lives have become more complicated and we unknowingly have stopped “thinking simply.” When we encounter a problem in our personal or professional life, we want to hand our problem over to an expert.


When you are NOT living in fear of the unknown, your brain expands exponentially, allowing you to dream, imagine, invent, innovate, focus, and accomplish things that are beyond your own wildest comprehension.


With 100% focus, you can be the best you can be at what you are doing.



When did “If I can get lawyers to cover my butt, manipulate the system, and get away with it, then its right!” become the new normal?

Whatever happened to being an American first? Not a Republican nor a Democrat – not a black nor a white – not a brown – just an American! Our country was built upon the backs of our solid middle class. Our country was guided and led by responsible business leaders and politicians to whom, at one time, we could look up to and admire.

And, of course, we now have COVID-19, which has changed our lives and brought sickness, death, and financial hardship primarily to the have-nots and the elderly. The service industry is devastated. Many jobs, mall retailers, and small businesses have been destroyed and careers are at stake. The lives of the small business owners who have lost everything from COVID-19 will never be the same again.

America has spent more than ten trillion dollars trying to salvage the economy from financial destruction, and once again a major amount of that money has gone to large businesses. Yes, large businesses are necessary for our economy; but they employ less than 50% of Americans. So, we have once again failed the small businesses; the retailers in the malls, restaurants, bars, hospitality operations; and those working in hotels who – in total – actually employ more than 50% of our population’s workers.

COVID-19 has dramatically increased the gap between the haves and have- nots, which has unfortunately been rising over the last forty years. Those with

wealth continue to become wealthier. Once the economy opens up and foreclosures and evictions are permitted by law, the rich and the wealthy, as usual, will once again have the opportunity to prey on the failed businesses and purchase both homes and commercial real estate at the cost of those who got hurt during COVID-19.

At the time of this writing, more than three million homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments. Ten percent of all renters in our country are behind on their rent payments.

Let’s focus on the billions of dollars we gave the airlines in 2008. Taxpayers' money was given to the airline industry to keep it flying. The minute they got it, they gave huge bonuses to shareholders and executives. What did they do in return for the taxpayer, we Americans, who bailed them out?

They shafted us!

They hit us with huge baggage fees, seat selection fees, and priority boarding fees! They started charging passengers for meals and sodas. If given the chance, they would charge for using the restroom, too! They were ruthless.

Once again, the airlines are back asking the taxpayer for another handout. And guess what? We don’t have a choice but to give them more of our money. At some point, either when a vaccine is available or cure is found for COVID-19, we will want to get back to our normal day-to-day lives where we fly for both business and pleasure; humans can’t grow wings and fly.

Frankly, I am disappointed at both the Republicans and Democrats, each playing the blame game over the economy and COVID-19. They have forgotten

that when you point a finger at someone else, you still have three other fingers pointing right back at you. The working Americans, whether they are white, black, brown, or here from Mars, are suffering.

If you and I walked into a 7-11 and walked out without paying the cashier for a Coke, the cops would snatch us and lock us up, and we would have a felony on our record.

However, when the U.S. Government gave away nearly a trillion dollars to the same people who caused the Wall Street debacle in 2007/2008, who stole from and manipulated we American citizens, they got away scot-free! Most of them made out like bandits from and after the bailouts and are still very wealthy.

Why am I beginning what I believe to be a very positive book by telling you all of this? I realized at a very early age, as a teenager, that the only thing you can count on in life with absolute certainty is yourself.

The sole intent for writing this book is to provide you with the tools and life skills to equip you with the ability to embrace change and live a life without “fear of the unknown,” while developing “super-focusing skills” and gaining knowledge by using the “power of asking” to overcome all of life’s challenges.

I am not writing this book to make money. In fact, 100% of any profits/royalties will be donated to charity. The greatest happiness for me would be for my readers to find this book helpful and make their life better!

And I repeat, 100% of the profits from this book will be donated to charity.

I have been deeply touched by all the knowledge I have received in this journey of life, from thousands of people, using the power of asking to start fourteen totally unrelated businesses on four continents. Almost all of them were started with no money. I have been able to rise like a phoenix from the ashes more than a dozen times after I was screwed by totally unexpected events, ranging from governments, both central (federal) and local; natural disasters; someone very close to me; the 2007-2008 Wall Street debacle, when the U.S. Government gave nearly a trillion dollars back to the thieves who caused the debacle in the first place; to the court system where I won a federal judgment in the Supreme Court, and then lost the same case to a jury of my peers after a federal judge mishandled the case by withholding the U.S. Supreme Court ruling from the jury, and I had no money left to appeal.

In my life journey, when I was still in my late twenties, I decided that I would never patent my ideas or inventions, but to pass the knowledge on to anybody who asked me and even spread the innovations and inventions through the media and press for the betterment of humanity.

This also allowed my brain to reinvent itself and free itself of any fear of people copying me because I was never concerned about my ideas or inventions being replicated. Today, we call this way of thinking and sharing “Pass it forward.”

My suggestion to you is very simple. By doing the above and using the tool of passing it forward, you can live your life without fear. You will be truly happy and be able to surpass most of the speed bumps in your journey of life, and you can still be wealthy. You will probably not become a billionaire. This is one path.

The second path that you may choose, although it is not my philosophy, is to patent your ideas and inventions and possibly become very wealthy or even a billionaire. If you choose this path, you need to ensure that you are not constantly living in fear of someone copying or replicating you. If it’s a great invention, more than likely somebody is going to make a variation without breaking your patent and compete with you in the marketplace.

Keep your mind space free of fear of the unknown and keep looking for opportunities in your life’s journey. There are not many people in the world who have been able to do both paths simultaneously. Steve Jobs is possibly the best example.

I do not know if I am rich or wealthy. But I do know that I have been blessed with a great wealth of knowledge in my journey of life. I could sit on my butt and chill, but that is not me. I would be a failure to myself if I did that. So, here we go!

I promised myself that I would write this book and share this knowledge without any expectations. That was a soul promise I had made to myself.

Thank you for allowing me to do so!

I have amassed knowledge that is very deep and very wide due to the challenges and hardships that I have been through.

The purpose of writing this book is to help all who have received a bad card in life, are undergoing extreme hardships, or who want more of themselves. Life can throw us curve balls that appear insurmountable. These challenges show up in careers or professions and personal life. Those who are facing extreme circumstances only see the gloom and doom and have little hope. We have all

been there, some more than others, and for me more times than I would have ever preferred.

In my journey of life, I have faced totally unexpected challenges, often wondering from where the next dollar would come for my family and the associates who depend on me.

This instilled in me the desire and fire to want to overcome hardship, continuously obtain knowledge, and be successful. It is with great discipline and practice that I have been able to overcome extraordinary challenges and obstacles and establish fourteen businesses on four continents, all in completely diverse fields – steel, chemicals, project management, logistics, imports and exports, pharmaceuticals, candy, cookies, fruit snacks, real estate development, hotels, restaurants and bars, furniture manufacturing for hotels, and mattress manufacturing. In the process, I also invented over a dozen products or services. Even with all the fields of business in which I was involved, by no length of the imagination am I a genius. I can barely cut-and-paste using a computer.

I have been able to do this by asking questions without fear, listening more, and talking less. For this, I thank God for giving me two ears and only one mouth!

I’m hoping to share my life experiences and the techniques that I have learned as a student of life to help you overcome your own challenges. I have been inspired by some extraordinary people whom I have heard speak, met, asked questions of, and learned from, who come from all over the world; I have received a vast wealth of knowledge from these individuals by using the power of asking.

What follows is true. Some may appear to be bragging, and that is for a purpose; all names and tradenames have been changed to respect the hundreds of people who empowered me with knowledge in this journey.

This knowledge that came from questioning and asking has allowed me to rise from the ashes and come back to life over a dozen times. My humble suggestion to all those who believe they have learned all they need to know about a subject: may I remind you that arrogance rhymes so much with ignorance. Please be humble and continue to be a student of life.

At one point in my life, my personal financial worth was around sixty-five million dollars, with no debt. However, after mistakenly trusting a person close to me, I nearly lost everything, including my family’s home.

After a decade of hard work, discipline, and dedication, and falling back on the vast knowledge acquired during my life journey, I was able to turn things around and come out smelling like a rose once again.

I have received several awards, including an honorary doctorate for my work in India, where I invented the first over-the-counter contraceptive for women; lifetime achievement awards from numerous schools and universities; and a lifetime achievement award on Capitol Hill, among many others. One award that stands out distinctively in my mind was an honor given with the most appropriate title: “Against All Odds.” The reason for this award was due to the number of times I was financially, emotionally, or mentally nearly destroyed.

These were, in fact, the exact words of the presenter.

Although these awards were appreciated and I accepted them with a humble heart, they are minute in comparison to the sheer joy my body and soul feel when I am able to touch a person’s life during their moment of darkness and show them light. Through my journey of knowledge-seeking, I have found no greater joy than sharing knowledge and wisdom with others.

Stemming from my desire to share knowledge and wisdom with others, I chose to become a mentor when I was in my mid-twenties as a fundamental part of my main purpose in life. In order to reach as many people as possible, I created a free online webinar where people could find disciplines to grow, save, or create their own dreams. This webinar was not for monetary profit – it was and still is online for free – but rather an opportunity for me as I had a deep desire to share knowledge and give others what I have been so blessed to receive. A million people, including college students, have taken this webinar for free and it has even been used in business schools as a tool. I have mentored people from all walks of life, from recovering addicts, trauma survivors, retirees, and students, to successful businessmen and businesswomen.

One of my mentees grew his business to become a successful billionaire; he continues to keep in touch with me. After growing his business and desiring to show gratitude for the mentorship I had given him, he hosted a very elaborate party where he invited many of my friends and family from all over the world and publicly acknowledged me as his mentor.

The party acknowledgment by my billionaire friend was an honor and a generous gesture. I appreciated the same with humbleness and folded hands. I have always had audience members lining up after a webinar or a public speaking

event, and they hug me and tell me I have changed their lives and showed them the light. They tell me stories of how I have saved them from bankruptcies, helped them understand how to deal with their children better, saved people from losing their homes, and saved their businesses. Every time this would happen, even though I am not an incredibly emotional man, my eyes would water out of happiness because it is these people who have touched my soul and have brought me true joy in life.

I recently mentored a 22-year-old boy for eighteen months, where my passion found a true purpose. This young man’s life was in shambles. He had not had a relationship with his birth mother for twelve years because when he was a younger boy, his father divorced the boy’s mother and remarried. After about a year, the stepmother kicked the boy out of the home. With no roof over his head, he moved in with a friend. His father then took his own life a few months later. I persisted with the boy weekly and monthly, a few hours at a time, connecting with him, a tremendous amount of one-on-one counseling and constant reassurance.

During the 18 months, the mentee told me to give up on him. Several times his hope and foresight wavered. He felt like a hopeless case, but I reminded him that he was a very special creation of God who was unstoppable; he was someone who could never be destroyed. I reminded him to think about what he had gone through, and I pointed out that if he was still standing tall, he could bounce back from oblivion. I informed him that I would never give up on him, and I encouraged him to never give up on himself.

He is currently finishing a course on cyber security and recently said to me that he has never been happier in his life. Mentoring this 22-year-old child-man reminded me of my life’s purpose. Changing another human’s life for the better made me feel that one of my life’s missions had been completed. It was after this mentorship that I promised myself, as I had on earlier occasions, that I would finish writing this book and continue to share my knowledge with humanity and put it out there.

As you are reading this book, you will see many words italicized. They are that way for a reason, to catch your attention. When it does, see if this helps you in your current situation. The words are:

Ask Connect

Simple Thinking Focus Innovation Change

Fear of the Unknown Imagination

Faith in Yourself Pragmatic

Practical Execution Confrontation

Last, but not least, I promise you that reading this book will help you open doors and show you a path I have unlocked with you, for you! It is now for you to walk that path and walk through that door to a beautiful, happy, and successful future. It is up to you and you alone, and I believe you can do it! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have picked up this book in the first place. Come on, let’s read! The universe is waiting for you to be successful and happy!


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The Doctor of Simple Thinking operates in anonymity to protect the privacy and safety of those he has helped. However, if you would like to reach out, ask a question, provide feedback, or pay a compliment, please do.

Ask and you shall receive!

I hope this book helps you. Refer to it as needed and

Enjoy the journey of life!

Doctor of Simple Thinking

Copyright ©  2021 Doctor of Simple Thinking.  All Rights Reserved.

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